Wine pairings




A wine pairing with wines from the greatest and most historic regions in the world. Wine from producers delivering a classic interpretation of their terroir. Wine from producers who dare change, in order to preserve their traditions for the future. Wine from vineyards cultivated with respect for future generations.


With our domain:                       1.450 DKK

With our foundation:                 950 DKK




A wine pairing representing the entire world, and all its wonderful wine growing regions – old and new. Wine from farmers and winemakers who manages to maintain respect for their local traditions while being curious and innovative. Historic wines born anew. Wine from vineyards cultivated with respect for nature.


With our domain:                       950 DKK

With our foundation:                 650 DKK




A non-alcoholic beverage pairing combining premium ingredients and products with our craft and creativity. A variation of juice, tea and infusions to accompany our menu.


With our domain:                       650 DKK

With our foundation:                 450 DKK